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  • Watches' SIM card before using it ?

    1, sim card gsm network

    2, 2g of data traffic

    3, call display

    Watch cell phone to call in tips during a call, ho

    Answer: the watch does not recognize the incoming telephone number or dial in to the watch dial DND period


    1 app for the watch is not set up number, caller's phone number is not set up inside the app numbers

    2 watch sim card and mobile phone sim card opening of the cornet package, but the phone number and app settings to inconsistencies watch phone display, such as the watch can only display trombone, app or watch displays set up cornet cornet , app set to trombone, both of which the watches are not recognized.

    3 check the app is not set Do Not Disturb period, in period change, reject watch any number of calls

    You can watch any number of calls answered.

    Answer: watch inside the sim card does not have call display, does not recognize the number Reject

    Treatment: the watch inside the sim card opened to a Caller ID feature can

    Watch app see the position is not updated, but the

    Answer: Watches location gps signal is poor or has been dormant


    1 wearing the watch to open places and app-point positioning, immediately turn the watch gps.

    2 Watch Sleep to save power will no longer upload location data, app to see the last of the watch position location, you can locate and shake the app watches, watches wake dormant.

  • Watch dial prompt can not connect?

    Answer: sim card gsm watch bad signal or use Unicom card

    Solution: Check gsm signal is not normal, watch a show like, bad signal may be gsm antenna is not installed or the card is not installed, you can try to re-install the card. If the proposed change Unicom mobile card card, China Unicom's card put the watch signal good times and bad, it can not be avoided.

    Watch time is not updated?

    Answer: the watch is not connected to the backend server time-alignment


    1 wearing the watch to the outdoors gps positioning, you can calibrate time

    2 using a mobile phone to send text messages to watch for calibration: pw, 123456, ntpservers,,8899 # successful wristwatch will reply SMS message to the phone. After the reply message to restart watch.

    Watches parameters found inside the id and watch c

    Answer: assembly error, no scan code or write code wrong

    Approach: to watch whichever posted IMEI, reset the IMEI number. Set IMEI message: pw, 123456, imei, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx # (message must be sent in English input method below), if you do not see the IMEI

    Foreign watch Rom server?

    Answer: Not Set network access point, that there is no corresponding apn

    Apn information before a foreign customer to confirm first and use the sim card: approach

    2 confirm the good that Congress does not restrict foreign IMEI number, if the limit of the country need to provide a valid IMEI

    3 watches to brush overseas software

  • Why finish setting the desktop wallpaper festival

    After the success of third-party software downloads, plug-in automatically generates, you can not manually add, even the same software, different versions, can not be determined will automatically form plugin. By press the desktop - checks to see if the plug-plug, plug, once formed, simply click the desired plug-in, you can add to your desktop ease of use.

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