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A Smartwatch Might Be A Better Fit For your Kid

Nov. 16, 2021

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a kid viewing his parent’s gadgets must be in want of his own. If you’ve got something cool, you can guarantee it won’t be long before they’re either taking yours or demanding their own. For example, If you wear a smartwatch, the chances are your child will want to wear a smartwatch too. And I am sure as a parent youve been pestered for an iPad or iPhone at some point but the best smartwatch for kids is a great stop-gap that will keep them entertained until theyre a bit older.


Smartwatches and fitness trackers are the latest tech products finding a younger audience although not without attracting controversy.


Germany has announced a ban on the sale of children's smartwatches because some models come with a remote listening capability, which counts as a spying device under German law. Meanwhile, children’s smartwatches are banned due to fears they could be hacked. Then there are the accusations of parents using smartwatches to track their children at all times and to listen unnoticed to the child's environment.


Still, enthusiasm for the kids smartwatch is clearly there, because tech brands continue to plug away with the kid wrist gadgets. Many of these take the generalized criticism on board and build in measures to quell the anxiety that the watches can do more harm than good.


There are many types of GPS smartwatches on the market today that are specifically designed for children, each with varying functions, purposes, and features. So a kids smartwatch has to balance parental control and safety with a childs increasing need for independence and creative expression.