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Considering Kids GPS Smart Watch Is A Good Choice

Jan. 14, 2021

Over half of 12-year old child has a cell phone. While there are some benefits of your kids having a phone, such as instantly communicate with them. But it keeps them busy on internet safety, cyber-bullying, and screen time might outnumber the reasons for a young baby to have a mobile phone. Perhaps it would be better for them to have a smart device instead. Considering a kids GPS smart watch? 2 reasons why it could be a good choice. For most families, choosing a smart device such as a GPS watch tracker calls for a balancing act. Parents would to keep their kids safe and secure, while kids want access to fun and cool tech without limitations that feel restrictive and overbearing.


For parents: It is a kids GPS watch made for safety and security


The Motto watch has been designed with child safety in mind. Its safety features include a GPS locator. These connected wearable let parents stay in touch with kids while they're away from home, and most are equipped with GPS to keep tabs on a kid's whereabouts without having to send a "Where are you?" message. Unlike smart watch for adults, kids' smart watch don't promote social media sharing and usually don't have the option to get on the internet at all. Quick dial is also available for key contacts and block the strange calling. There is also has video chat function. These safety and control features give parents peace of mind. Yet our watch still provides options for kids.


For kids: It’s a fun introduction to tech


Immersive, The Motto watch is fun and Customized for kids’ self expression, to feature a front-facing camera, enabling the child to send video and picture messages to up to 10 trusted contacts. “The watches act as companions for children and are woven throughout the experience,”  Some kid watches are also great tools for establishing a daily chore, homework, or bedtime routine. Parents can use the app to set daily reminders like "brush teeth for three minutes" or "read for 20 minutes before bedtime," then sprinkle in some leverage by typing in a reward.


This is a great way to introduce your kids to technology. When kids ages 6 to 12 are looking forward to their first device, the smart watch gives them entertaining features while letting parents more easier.

Considering A Kids GPS Smart Watch