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New Model 3G Smart Watch for Kids

Oct. 18, 2018

The model TD-11 is the newly unveiled Motto smartwatch for kids, which is geared for little wrists and equipped with features for their specific needs.

New Model 3G Smart Watch for Kids


It comes with a 1.4 Inch Colorful Touch IPS screen (resolution of 240×240), comes with a 234.5mm long strap and weighs only 150g. Color are available in a pink, orange or blue. The color and strap are customizable, and the latter is made of silicone, soft and stretchy, designed to be comfortable to wear both day and night. The connected kids smart watch can keep going for up to two days on a single charge thanks to its 600mAh Lithium Polymer battery. It also comes with 4 pin pogo magnetic USB charge cable for charging, you know most people have a habit of charging their devices every night. This is a small, safe and lightweight kid-sized design.


Unique features

  •  As for location, the device comes with multiple options in the forms of GPS, WiFi, AGPS and LBS, which can detect the exact location of kids regardless whether they are inside or outside. In addition, parents can set up electronic fence and parents will receive a text message alerts if there is an unexpected change and their child strays beyond a safe zone.

  •  History tracking function means the watch records location history every 10 minutes. So if kids goes missing, parents can see exactly where they have been.

  •  The 0.3-megapixel HD camera along with a microphone and a loudspeaker is accessible through an app SeTracker, along with the GPS coordinates, to parents who want to ensure their child's safety. It also would allow kid to take snaps and do hassle-free short video recordings anytime.

  •  For the connectivity, by inserting a Nano SIM card and setting 15 phone numbers, 3 SOS numbers, young children without a smartphone will still be able to call their parents. With the 2G and 3G network, they can even send a voice message while still on a call.

  •  Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, the wearable has an Intelligent Emergency feature that lets child press a SOS button located on the side of the watch to call the parent. If that call fails, then the watch will cycle through its emergency contacts until somebody does answer.

  •  One of function reward of love icon can make every day a little bit of an adventure. Parents can award points for doing daily tasks and chores. The idea is these can then be traded for treats, so children have an incentive to brush their teeth or play nicely with their brothers.

  •  The novel feature is that MOTTO Watch TD-11 has IPX7 compatibility to offer water and dust resistance, so is resistant against splashes, rainy days and being dropped into pools.

  •  Other features worth mentioning include an alarm, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Amount of exercise, Find watch, games etc.


The watch offers a lot of interesting features for the price tag and this could be a great device to your children to keep an eye on them. TD-11 has been available to pre-order since May, with our company indicating that shipping will roll out around the world. Finding out more detailed on the Motto website for the watch.