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smart watch technology

Nov. 08, 2018

Lots of accessories suggest they should be doing something. Like your earrings that you have on. Amazing earrings. My head says: ‘Wow. Imagine if they were actually headphones.’ Then when you see technology, you think: ‘Wow, that’s awesome. I wish it looked awesome.” That’s because they’re too disciplines that haven’t been disciplined to collaborate. Two worlds so caught up in their awesomeness that they don’t want to collaborate. I sit in the middle. I love fashion—that’s what I went to school for—but I love technology—that’s what I’m telling kids to go to school for. The only place in the world of wearables where people are putting their imagination is the wrist. That’s like saying like everyone in the world only wants to play the congos. Do you know how many other instruments there are?