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CT02 Bluetooth smart watch

Jan. 26, 2021

MOTTO 2021 Latest Style Round Smart Watch - CT02 Bluetooth smartwatch has large 3D curved HD touch screen, metal structure and soft breathable bands, making it very comfortable for wearing and looking stylish both for men and women. 

CT02 Bluetooth smart watch with advanced function as bellow:

  1. Custom dial: not just various watch dial are offered, but you can also display your own photo for the watch dial of the smartwatch. The picture what you like can set as dial,still can set the position of time and color according to the pattern of picture.

  2. Strong performance,hight-end dual chip: Goodix GR5515 and CW6693

  3. Bluetooth calls: connect Bluetooth anytime,anywhere to receive and make calls.

  4. Smart notifications: after connected to your smartphone in the H Band app, CT02 will vibrate to notify you for most communicating apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, SMS, Line, WeChat,YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (Can't reply messages).

  5. Music control: control your music and switch songs easily with your smartwatch, no need to take your phone out of your pocket and enjoy every minute when on the go.No need to pick your phone and control your music with your phone’s selected music player. Be it Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes or Apple Music.Free your hands during doing sports!

  6. Multiple sports modes: choose from 10 sports modes including Running, Walking, Hiking, Treadmill,Cycling, situps, etc, and  accurately record your workouts in detail and helping achieve you fitness goals.

  7. All-Day activity tracking: before sport, turn on mobile app, click to running, enable GPS movement. During the movement, through the APP, you can view the road map, time, speed, distance, and calories burned. You can also view your health and sports monitoring data in the APP "H Band", helping you pay more attention to health and improve health condition.

  8. 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor: advanced HR sensor for accurate, real-Time and effective heart rate monitoring. Automatically test your heart rate every ten minutes, and form an analysis chart in H Band app, allowing you to view your heart rate changes at any time.

  9. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring

  10. Automatic Sleep Monitoring: CT02 can automatically detect your sleep quality. Analyze the deeply and lightly sleep for you, so that you can better know your own sleep state and develop good sleeping habits. Helping you establish a regular bedtime routine.

  11. Female Health Tracking: by setting the detailed information of the menstrual date in the H Band app, it will remind you of your next menstrual and ovulation period and help you better understand your physical condition.

  12. Sedentary Reminders: CT02 is your excellent life partner. It will vibrate to remind you after you sit for a long time. You can stand for a short period of time after receiving the reminder to keep yourself active and reduce stress.

  13. Alarm Clocks: be organized throughout your day with the alarm clock function built-in Letsfit fitness watch and get reminders when you need to wake up, work, rest, attend a meeting, take medicine, and more.

  14. Countdown & Stopwatch: activate the stopwatch function on the screen and record the exercise time. You can also use it to calculate more things.

  15. Remote Photography: a fresh way to take photos. Free your hands and record beautiful moments. Just open the App on your smartphone and find the camera function to take a photo by shaking your smartwatch instead of pressing any button.

  16. Raise Wrist to Wake Screen: no need to press the home button every time you want to read the display, just raise your wrist and you get what you want.

  17. Find Your Phone: after connecting the smartwatch to your phone, you can locate your lost phone through your watch and easy to find it. Similarly, you can also find your watch through your phone.

  18. IP67 Waterproof: professional design and craft,IP67 waterproof standard, working 30min  under fresh water 1M depth. you can wear it when you are washing hands or running in the rain and even wear it swim.

  19. Brightness Adjustment: the smart watch is no screen glare, screen brightness can be adjusted, so your eyes are not easily feel fatigued. The screen can be clearly seen even under sunlight.

  20. Long Battery Life & Magnetic Charging: 100% pure Cobalt 280mAh, magnetic charging, using new battery technology, coupled with a high-efficiency magnetic charger and a low power-consumption system, it only takes 2 hours to get a fully charge and can be used for 7-10 days with a standby time of 30 days.

CT02 Bluetooth smart watch